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Woman is a supportive community that is all about inspiring creativity, connection and conversation.

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If you're intelligent, imaginative, feeling a little stuck or just looking for some new friendships, you'll fit right in.

There's room for everyone.

What's in the club:

Virtual community

Feel empowered and inspired in our online community as you connect with hundreds of women dishing on their stories, secrets, how-tos and hacks. We value our friendships above all else. We know the happier they are, the better our work (and our lives) will be.

Club Classroom: Creative Tutorials

This carefully curated online library features virtual tutorials from the best in the creative biz, so you can sharpen your craft, add to your skill set or spark a new hobby.

Virtual Library: 1:1 Interviews

Unlock countless video interviews with women that are doing inspiring things in business and creative arts. It’s like Netflix... for ambitious people.


Access a library of interviews with successful and inspiring women, we probably couldn’t even fit one more. (Jokes, there’s always room for more. We add them regularly so you never run out.)


Receive a free business or personal listing in The Classifieds. Search for likeminded business and new opportunities or share your own openings.

Discounts, perks & goodies

Think member-only events that won’t cost you a cent, discounted tickets to the in-person Wonder Women Series events, plus more.

Unwind with Wines

Mix and mingle at our monthly meet ups. The perfect opportunity to meet your next collaborator, business partner or life-long friend over cheese, wine and chats.


From first-hand experiences to life-hacks, make the most of our exclusive Woman. content and resources created to help guide and fuel aspiring creatives.


Coming soon. Our noticeboard will be the place to meet your next collaborator, business partner or life-long friend. Share your own content, offer discounts and list anything you need a hand with.

Honey, you're home.

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I always leave feeling incredibly inspired after attending Club Woman events. From the panel conversations, creative industry advice and the networking with other likeminded Club members collectively giving insight and encouraging direction into my own business journey.

– Caitlyn E

The ladies behind Club Woman are an inspiration to others. They've created a wonderful, supportive community where women can learn and grow together. You get to meet lots of incredible women and that not only means networking but also making potential new friendships!

– Wi Mei

Abby and Lucy have done such a great job building a community of fierce, fabulous and ambitious ladies who want more and just need a little support network. The content is stripped back, relatable and covers very current issues to growing a business today. I feel inspired and empowered! Thanks ladies xo!

– Tiffany H

Incredibly uplifting community of women to be around! Club Woman has been so inspiring and educational. Even if you don't have your own business or side hustle, listening to these women is truly incredible. Thank you ladies for creating this platform xx

– Melissa M

Club Woman has not just given me tools and information to use, but confidence in myself, sparked my creativity, the courage to follow my heart and friendships for a lifetime. For that I am truly grateful.

– Tess M

I absolutely love what Abby and Lucy have created in Club Woman. If you're thinking of starting a side hustle, or leveling up a business idea, there is absolute gold in the 'Woman. Of Series' and the 'Woman. Of Vlog' interviews. Facilitating a community over competition approach is what Abby & Lucy are all about and you are naturally and warmly welcomed into both the online and IRL spaces that they offer.

– Susan E

Club Woman is more than a resourceful group for creatives and entrepeneaurs. It's a community to be welcomed and inspired by likeminded humans who share similar values. Women who not only have a passion and burning desire t do what they truly love but to do it mindfully, with purpose. To do good. Even though I haven't met many of the girls in Club Woman being on the other side of the country, I feel at home, like these are my people. Club Woman makes me proud to be creative, proud to be a woman.

– Steph B

Woman by AR provides an inclusive platform for business savvy and creative minds to congregate, support and inspire. The platform and events present a unique opportunity within the community, allowing members and guests to learn and grow with one another through honest, organic and uplifting interaction.

– Karamea L

Club Woman is an amazing community of like minded women to communicate with and get advice from! I love the support and can always rely on it for answers and guidance! A beautiful network xx

– Cait M

Wow ladies congratulations on this incredible platform you have established. I'm honoured to be a part of the community. Just spent an hour devouring words + images aaannnnnd got sidetracked by some shopping in the classifieds. Thank you for creating this for us woman.

– Amy F

I highly recommend attending one of the Woman events!! I walked away from the last one on an absolute high from all the good vibes, conversations and connections made! I also love that it's all accessible for people who aren't able to physically make it along to an event with their online club/community. So thankful you ladies have started this venture x x

– Madeline R