Made by women, for women

Woman. by Abby Rose is a concept store filled with a consciously curated selection of fashion and wares, handmade by women within Australia. 
We stock sustainably sourced and ethically produced goods, that are not only mindful of their impact on our environment,

but also empower women in creative industries to live and grow their passion and purpose.
Woman. by Abby Rose is a space for women to gather, collaborate, uplift and empower; a platform to support our creative community.

All of the below labels are available in the Woman. concept store

Shop 7/14 Arcadia Street, Noosa Heads. 



By Caitlyn Edwards

EDDYSEKKEI is an artist based in Noosa, Australia. Known for her bold abstracts and intricate illustrations, Cailtyn draws inspirationon from her coastal town and travels around the world.


revel knitwear

Revel Knitwear creates luxury hand-knitted pieces for the modern minimalist. Designed using the classic, timeless aesthetics of knitting, Revel believes that quality is essential and sustainable production non-negotiable.

Designer Shannyn Lorkin believes that the key to a great wardrobe, is having good quality basics, and focusing on quality, and style. "I wanted to create knitwear that was classic and timeless.  Being hand-made, it provides more of a bespoke and exclusive experience for the consumer. A knit that has been truly made for you, with a lot of passion and love. Fashion to me is about telling a story about who you are and we want our customer to feel endlessly comforted when they wear it and get a lot of longevity out of each piece"

Revel aims to be enriched with the story that began it all, a legacy after her grandmother Beverley who taught her to knit. This brand is a celebration of life and love with the knitwear finding a place in every wardrobe, and like the love between a grandmother & granddaughter, something that never gets old.

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Atlas the collective

Meet Adrianne Dimitrakakis, an Artist and Graphic Designer based in Byron Bay. She enjoys life by the sea and finding inspiration from living in a beach town and all things travel. Her latest series, The Drift Collection is series of hand drawn maps  building over years of places she's visited and places she wishes to venture to next.

Various palm trees, compasses also join this collection with a large scale World Map piece that also features on her longboard.  She aims to inspire travel or remind you of that amazing trip; a true keepsake from your adventures and a reminder to keep exploring, on land and water.Each map is hand made from start to end. I hand draw the original artwork on acid free paper with hand torn edges. 

It begins with the first layer of pencil; drawing the outline of the city or country and all the texture, terrain, compass and city details. Then various layers of the finest point of fine-liners to create all the smallest of detail. The pencil is erased and another layer of pen goes onto the paper.

 It is slow yet beautiful process, and one that helps calms and let you relax and go with the flow. Allows you to be patient and enjoy watching it grow and develop into something beautiful for someone.


The great undressed

Ethical, comfortable, quality - The Great Undressed is a label for people who want to make informed decisions regarding their participation in the fashion industry.

Carefully sourced quality materials, made with integrity and consideration that will stand the test of time. Classic undergarments designed for women who like to make a statement about wearing what's best for them with little environmental impact.

The Great Undressed an independent underwear label by designer, Sybilla Kenny. Designed and made in Sydney from ethically sourced certified organic Japanese cotton.


charlee swim

Charlee Swim is a born & bred Australian swimwear label based in Noosa Heads, Queensland. 

Not only do we create pieces that stand out from the crowd, we focus on sustainability and draw inspiration from the modern woman. 

Our swimwear is made from high quality recycled lycra from post - consumer materials such as old fishing nets & carpets and the lining in our swimmers are made from plastic water bottles. 

All of Charlee Swim is ethically created in our Noosa Studio where every piece is a labour of love, carefully created to give you the highest of quality and individuality. 


Lyra by mvn

Celebrates the beauty of women through abstract expression. embodying our authenticity as women in our rawest form. carefully curated in limited quantities. Based in Noosa Australia.


heavenlly blooms

accidentally fell into flowers whilst studying surreal art in Sydney. The house was full of canvasses and flowers, then one day I realised that there were more flowers than canvasses, and so my love affair with flowers was born. There is something about working with nature that just fills me up , it is good for the soul , it makes me smile inside….

I am inspired by natural beauty in all its forms, and often find myself just foraging for hours to find the right little something to finish a bouquet.

It is all these little things that make my work my passion. I love to work with brides to translate their love story into a wedding bouquet, that tells of their journey to marriage. Let’s be honest, we all have a story!

All florals are put together with love and care, and an attention to detail in a wild and free style that is my own.

I am inspired by my garden and family; I never take for granted the honour it is to be working with flowers every day. I feel very blessed to have found my passion in life; we just fit … flowers and I.

Settler Hives -Cut Flowers.Zinnia.9112.jpg

Settler Hives

Hayley and Roger fell head over heels for beekeeping while living on a blueberry farm in Canada (as you do), and promptly set up a new hive when they moved back to Toowoomba this year. And so began the idea for Settler Hives, a beautifully-packaged selection of bee-nurturing seeds, that brings the idea full circle. 



Wendy Britton is a local ceramicist on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. She owns and runs her own studio in the beautiful Cooroibah. The natural surroundings of bushland and abundance of wildlife is the inspiration for her enthusiasm and creativity for her pieces.

Wendy Britton completed a diploma in arts/ceramics at the Sunshine Coast TAFE. This gave her the opportunity to showcase her work in exhibitions and enter a number of shows that she gained awards at for her creativity.

Wendy holds open days at her Corroibah studio to view and purchase. Alternatively she can be contacted to arrange a special showing.


Chloe joyce illustrations

Chloe Joyce is an Sydney based illustrator who has been working in the creative industry for the past 5 years. Primarily a digital artist, her work is inspired by human emotions and everyday life and most importantly her relationship with nature. Chloe's work aims to walk the line between the intimate and the ironic, with the hope that her illustrations draw a melancholic smile from your face.


Posy jewels

Handcrafted jewellery formed from recycled sterling silver. Minimal designs made to enhance the everyday. Each piece is carefully created and one of a kind.  By April Davis


Auric alchemy

My story begins with chronic fatigue and hormonal issues which had me leave my job, I set out on a journey of self care and a whole lot of down time.  I had already become really passionate about chemical free living and reducing the toxins I was putting into my body - and most importantly on my skin, particularly in makeup and perfumes.

I couldn’t help but feel that women were constantly being targeted by companies selling products to make them feel amazing and yet they are so harmful to our health (due to chemicals). In came the idea for Auric Alchemy!

Originally a product designed to make you smell amazing without all the nasties, it soon grew into being more about self care and ritual. Every night I would mist my pillows with ‘Dream’ spray through months of insomnia, and every morning 'Clarity' would awaken me with a burst of uplifting citrus, a welcome relief from my fatigue.

Through this time I realised that this was a simple way for me to take more care of myself; that I wanted to not only smell amazing but to create a little daily ritual. Crystals are infused within the spring water base of each mist, specifically chosen for the purpose of the essential oils for extra magic.

We are constantly growing  as more of us realise the real benefits of of slowing down, self care and being surrounded by the beautiful and healing Auric Alchemy experience.

Madeline x.



Wildfolk candles were established in Bondi Beach in 2012.

The idea to create an eco luxe product from the utilitarian amber bottles was stumbled upon whilst working in a natural therapies clinic & disposing of the bottles day after day.

Originally up cycling the amber bottles by cutting off the tops & fitting them with solid wooden lids to create the beautiful amber glass candle jar.

We now honour our humble beginnings by modelling our amber glass containers off this design.

Wildfolk candles are handcrafted in Australia using 100% soy wax free from pesticides or herbicides, paraffin,

parabens and palm oil.

Blended with 100% essential oils or high quality fragrance oils, hand poured into unique amber glass containers to create a warm, gentle light, filling a room with a subtle scent.

All wicks are lead free and vegan.



Australian Certified Organic Skincare - Created in Noosa.

Saya offers a diverse range of pure plant based skincare for face and body, Saya products utilise Australian Native Botanicals and essential oils.

These natural ingredients within our unique formulations are the key to beautifully soft, smooth and luminous skin.Superior Skincare at an affordable price.

Having suffered through years of eczema and breakouts, Noosa local Saya McDermott sought skincare that would deliver results.

She was discouraged at the lack of diversity in the market and the absence of quality, natural ingredients.After much study and research,she began formulating her own products and Saya Skincare came to life.Saya has been operating for over ten years now and has over 140 stockists world wide.


tasi travels

Tasi Travels was dreamt up on the paradise that is Atauro Island in Timor-Leste. Meaning "ocean" in the local Tetun language, Tasi combines minimalism, practicality and style. 

We believe in travelling light, in being able to pack less, but better. Our travel clothing was designed with minimalism in mind, so you can go away with only a handful of items that are versatile and practical enough to be all you need. We endeavour to create a community of wanderers and to inspire slow, authentic travel. We want to help you travel freely, travel easily and travel often. 

All Tasi Travels pieces are handmade in Australia using sustainable textiles.



Abby Rose is an independent and boutique Australian swimwear label.
Our freewheeling, sustainable styles blend a feminine, timeless look with versatility to create swimwear made for the modern woman, offering exceptional comfort and wearability.
Handmade in limited quantities, each piece is designed and created in our Noosa Heads boutique. Our collections are ever evolving and growing with new prints, colours or styles frequently added.