The Pleasant State

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Plastic free, non-toxic and effective just add water cleaning products made here in Aus.

The Pleasant State purpose

Honestly? Because it seemed like a no brainer. To do this right, we've had to start out small, but we have big plans to be the best. We all know that in this current climate, keeping your home and family healthy is more important than ever, but this doesn't mean we need to stock up on plastic baddies that are filled with toxic chemicals. That's not doing anyone any favours! Why go backwards when we can go forwards?

Our founders Ami and Sian banded together to create a sustainable solution when we needed it most. They've been blown away by the support of the community, suppliers and basically everyone they meet!

Pleasant State is changing the way we clean our homes. Cleaning products are no longer a necessary evil that's hidden under the kitchen sink. Instead they're beautiful, waste-free and non-toxic products that you can proudly display in your home.

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