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16 January

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We don't know about you, but over these past few weeks so much has been getting shaken up, undone, loosened, and released as we set intentions for the year ahead.

So many of us are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, filled with self-doubt and are quietly grieving as past and present heartbreak makes itself known, and pandemic time stretches on.

To support us during this time, Treska of Sister Sister's invites you to her FREE Sister Sister breathwork circle!

If you're needing space to release, weep, laugh, and reconnect with your juiciness, joy, and vitality so you can call in the abundance your crave in the new year- this breathwork circle is for you.

If you're ready to feel, and create space to expand, call in your core desires and step into a life that feels yummy, peaceful, and connected.

This FREE breathwork circle is about releasing what is no longer serving you, getting clear on what lights you up, and connecting with your authentic embodied energy as you move into a conscious 2021.

To give you a sense of what we'll be moving through...

  • Clearing the energy behind our triggers
  • Releasing blocks on a subconscious level
  • Tuning into our inner world
  • Transcending money stories and lack mentality
  • Getting clear on our core desires
  • Embodying our truth
  • Connecting with our body and true self
  • Repatterning our nervous system to receive abundance
  • Tapping into our subconscious intelligence
  • Strengthening our intuition
  • Connecting to our worth
  • Calling in what we wish to receive
  • Stepping into authentic expression

All attendees will receive the playlist plus an exclusive discount code for Sister Sister's upcoming 6 week group breathwork journey!


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