Woman. Of Series // Fabienne Costa of YCL Jewels


Q1: Please share with us what you do and how it came to be.

I am the founder & creative director of an Australian jewellery label called YCL Jewels, based on the sunny Gold Coast. I had been making jewellery since I was 13 & decided one day when I was 21 years old that I would leave behind all that was familiar to me & start a brand with no training or knowledge in business, no money & no idea what I was doing! 

Q2: Was YCL always on the cards for you or did you have another dream growing up?

I had been nursing in Aged Care Mental Health & Dementia since I was 15, & was two subjects out from graduating a bachelor of nursing when quit my degree & job to start YCL. I wouldn't say it was a 'dream', just more what I had been doing for so long & what I knew. I didn't know I had this wild dream & vision for my life until I started YCL. 

Q3: What is your biggest pinch-me career moment?

There has been many, but probably when Lorde wore YCL pieces on the stages of Coachella. My partner & I are HUGE Lorde fans, so that was pretty crazy! 

Q4: Being as busy with YCL as you are, how do you balance work and life?

It's a non-negotiable priority, simple. Since the day I needed to start hiring a team I ensured my mental & physical health were number one. As I learned pretty early on that if I was not functioning at my optimum, I then intern was not showing up for my team or brand. 


Q5: There’s obviously a lot of elements involved in YCL. What do you find the most satisfying?

Due to the fact that I am the CEO & Creative Director, my role varies day to day & I love it all! I love developing the business, strategising on marketing campaigns, & leading a team, & in contrast I also love designing the pieces, directing photoshoots & curating sets. I am a multi-passionate person so I thrivie having so many different facets as part of my role. 

Q6: What are you most passionate about?

Living a fulfilling, mindful & purposeful life. 

Q7: What are your top 3 superpowers?

I love this question! 

1. Multi-tasking, I can be cooking, working, & on a conference call & kill it at it all!

2. I am a powerful manifester. 

3. I often have lucid dreams.

Q8: We’ve all experienced those times in business where you just feel like throwing in the towel. What tools have you learnt to get you through these difficult times?

I have learnt over the years to remain in a state of steady balance. In business we have huge, life-altering ebb's & flows, & if we don't learn how to manage those internally it can become very depleting. 

Q9: What advice would you offer to aspiring creatives and women in business?

Free yourself from fear, & take that risk! Your vision & dreams are so worth it. 


Q10:What does happiness look like through the eyes of Fabienne?

Happiness through my lens is sunlight on my skin, a cool breeze in my hair, watching sunsets with my love, kissing my fur children. Happiness is practicing gratitude daily for the life I have created for myself. 

Q11: Do you have a morning ritual?

I do! In all honesty I am living in a few different houses right now whilst our home on the Gold Coast is in its final stages of being built, so I am feeling a little unsettled. This throws my morning rituals out a bit, which I surrender to & am gentle with. When I can I love to start my day with a beach or forest walk (joys of living on the Gold Coast I am very close to both), a meditation, & Mushroom Tonic. This gives me vitality & sets my intention for the day. 

Q12: Where is your favourite place in the world to have a vino? Any exciting trips coming up for you?

Anywhere with my beautiful man! And I have a few work trips coming up.

Q13: Who, or what are you listening to or reading right now?

Reading Circe, listing to Casefiles podcast, & playing Fortnite (does that count haha!?). 

Q14: One last thing... share with us a fun fact about yourself! Something that people might not know about you?

I swear a lot, have a crude sense of humour, & have a very sensitive sense of smell. 

Abby V Vuister